Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your roofing & pointing questions

Roofing and Pointing FAQ's

Q: How do I know if my property needs re-pointing, what are the signs?
A: When the mortar between the bricks starts to soften or fall out then it is a sign that your building will soon need re-pointing. If you notice that your walls are also damp, this can be a sign that moisture is leaking into the building due to damaged mortar. If you spot these signs early, re-pointing can eliminate further damage to the property.

Q: How long does work usually take to complete?

A: That depends entirely on the size of the job itself. But, we can give you a very realistic estimate once we have viewed the job.

Q: How long will re-pointing last for? Will it need to be re-done in the future?

A: Airtight offer a 20 year guarantee on all re-pointing work we carry-out. However, the re-pointing should last considerably longer than that meaning that it rarely becomes necessary to do the work again.
Q: Do you offer any guarantees on work?

A: Yes, we offer 20 year guarantees on both pointing and full re-roofing jobs. We can also offer insurance based guarantees too.

Q: What areas do you serve?
A: Airtight offer their roofing and pointing services to customers all over the North West of England. Areas we commonly cover include Manchester, Bolton, Stockport, Liverpool, Wigan & Preston.

Q: Do you offer your services to commercial or only domestic?
A: Our services are offered to both commercial and domestic customers. If you would like to discuss domestic work in detail please contact us on 07976 672773 for a quote.

Q: Do I need to wait until Summer to have work done?
A: Waiting until Summer isn’t necessary. If you notice broken or damp mortar on your property then it is best to get the re-pointing work done immediately to prevent further damage. So long as it is not raining work can be carried out. If the temperature drops below 0 degrees however, work will need to be put on hold temporarily.
Q: Do you offer a quotation? If so do they cost anything?
A: Yes, we offer a free No obligation quote for all work. Please call 07976 672773 if you are thinking of using our services.